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Sheri, Frank, and Kyle Biglin

Union Memorials.com is dedicated to my beloved husband, Frank Biglin. Frank passed away at the early age of 34, leaving me to raise our beautiful son of 14 months. 

A proud brother of IBEW Local #728, Frank gave many thanks to all who had supported him during his sudden struggle with brain cancer. He often spoke of how meaningful the strength and bond was between the brothers, not just within his own Local, but also from others around the country that he had met through traveling. Always positive and smiling, he mentioned that when he got better he would do whatever possible to touch the hearts of others in their time of need the way that he had been touched. 

Unfortunately, he never got the opportunity. However, after Frank passed, I also received generous support from the Union and brothers to get me back on my feet. Creating Union Memorials.com is dedicated not only for giving thanks to everyone, but it has provided the opportunity for every Union to honor the men and women who have worked together, laughed together, and built a stronger America together.

Thank you Frank and God for giving me the strength, courage, and support for developing Union Memorials.com. I know in my heart and prayers that this is yet, one more answer, to bridging the communication gap for America’s Unions and its members.

Please e-mail me at sbiglin@unionmemorials.com if you have any comments or suggestions about Union Memorials.com. Also, check out http://www.memoriesofme.com/fbiglin and sign Frank's guest book. Thanks!

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